Saturday, December 29, 2007

Mom died September 30th. It was no surprise, but still traumatic.

Our last child was married November 3rd. It was no surprise but still traumatic.

We are in the throws of Christmas time and all is well.

I seem to have gotten into crafting without realizing it...I've always hated "crafting". The idea of making something you could easily buy in a store seemed silly. Probably the reason for my distaste of crafting was time and space constraints. The last child leaving the nest seems to have loosened up some of the space and I guess I'll be posting some of my "creations". I'm also trying to get this photo taking thing down. I've been reduced to photographing the cat on Christmas morning...alas, the days of being awakened from a long winter's nap by a houseful of anxious kids is just a memory.

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