Thursday, April 10, 2008

What an act!

Aimee, Nancy and I took a road trip to NDSU to see Nixon in a talent competition. She didn't win, but seeing her and some of the extended family (once removed) was worth the trip.
We supped Tuesday night with "some mothers and kids".
Wednesdays dining was like a scene from one of those Italian gangster movies...only without the gangsters. P 'n K took us to "the best kept secret in Minnesota". The food was tasty... and the service was classic! While we (4 adults, a teen and two smallies) were enjoying our lunch, K's father came in to say hi. Within minutes the proprietor, (Al) brought over a huge plate of spagetti and placed it in front of Tony and greeted him saying, "Enjoy Tony, it's on the house." Now that's hospitality! Got home around 7 and started planning for the big trip.

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