Sunday, July 27, 2008

The bik-a-thon was well underway by the time I came downstairs at 8:00 Saturday morning.
I had one of those sleepless nights that seem to run in the family.
I finally gave up ratting around at about 2:30 am, turned on the TV and found a movie that I hadn't seen...I thought.
It wasn't at all familiar until I saw the statue of 'Lady Liberty' in the suitcase...long story. The female lead was fun to watch with her off-beat personality...wonder what ever happened to her. By 4am I couldn't keep my eyes open another minute, and was pretty confident ol' Harrison would rescue his wife from the nasty bad guys, so I sacrificed the end of the movie for some Zzz.

I kinda overextended myself on Saturday and missed out on an agate hunt with Matt...but baby felt sorry for me and decided to be extra sweet and adorable all afternoon.

I was exhausted by dark and went to bed at a decent hour...10:30!
Good thing...because today was grueling!
Aimee, Nancy and I hiked Chester easy task...for me anyway. They picked the hottest day of the coldest summer we've had in years! I don't do hot...Aimee loves it...I stayed for supper to gain back my strength for the drive home. I resolved to get back into shape before the next trek.
One of the many inclines.

Wait for me!


speaking of refreshing...

I guess a hot day isn't all bad.

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  1. that picture of Luke is so cute... glad you had a good time in Chester... it's one of our favorites :)