Friday, September 12, 2008

what's news

The headline on the front page of the local rag wasn't very nice ( in fact it was ridiculous) , so I decided to rise above it and go to Mass. Father mentioned the Pope was in France, which brought to mind my trip there 5 years ago, Rue du Boc , Cathedral of Notre Dame , Lourdes ,beautiful Arles, Chartres ...I loved every minute!
It was more pleasant to have uplifting thoughts on my mind than what the daily news had to offer.
I was halfheartedly working on a patchwork tablecloth when Rosemary called with an invitation to hike with Father... I dropped the tablecloth like a hot potato!

We hiked up to Mike's Rock and down again.... Whew!

Toads are ugly...they can have toads.

Signs of Autumn

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