Wednesday, October 29, 2008

corners of my mind

I'm always pleasantly surprised when a scent instantly conjures up some long forgotten memory.
For the longest time I would have a fleeting memory of our backyard in West Duluth, whenever I stepped onto our snow laden deck. I discovered that someone in town, all these years later, was still burning coal, (everyone used coal back in the day) and the sound of the snow squeaking under my boot on the wood deck brought to mind the wooden walkway we had alongside our house way back when...put the two together and I guess you have a memory! The other night I was leaving Mary's place and the musky aroma of the damp, fallen leaves brought me right back to 301 North 52nd Avenue West.
On the way home I was reflecting on how I don't always have a flashback when I smell dead leaves. You would think dead leaves are dead leaves...right?....wrong...
Mary has a big ol' Willow tree in her back yard...we had one across the alley at 301.

Speaking of leaves..
I found this while surfing the web and was instantly reminded of "Long John". He was an old ( probably the age I am now) guy that lived across the street somewhere ( I never really knew where). Micky said Long John made "dandelion wine". It took years for it to dawn on me that the reason they called him Long John was because he was tall and thin...
I was a simple child.

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