Wednesday, February 18, 2009

quote the raven

While listening to today's first reading, I got hung up on the raven...strange, that the raven would be the subject of Father's short homily. He related an incident that had occurred years ago. It seems there were two ravens "dancing" on the lawn where he lived. They came closer to him and he said, "They started making fun of me." I chuckled as he went on to explain how ravens are rascals and apparently always were. I did a little research on the subject and found this proof.

"St. Jerome called the raven, which was sent forth and did not return, the "foul bird of wickedness" expelled by baptism; more enduringly, the dove and olive branch came to symbolize the Holy Spirit and the hope of salvation and, eventually, peace."

The text that goes with the above illustration (from 1905) adds to the raven's bad reputation


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