Thursday, April 16, 2009

holey mary

I've been asked to relate my Easter story.
They came early on Easter morn all ready for Mass. She smiled and mocked what I was wearing. "Your pants...maybe they're just too short." I lost some of my usual self -assurance, but changing clothes was out of the question. We arrived at church, secured a pew for four and waited for Mass to begin.

When we got home , Barbara and Maria soon arrived, bearing daffodils for the table and pies for the celebrate the Risen Lord.
I mentioned to Barbara that, earlier, Mary had been chiding me about my clothes.
At this point Mary pointed out, in uncharacteristic cattiness ,
"The back of her jacket is 'cinched'!"
I, at this point, uncharacteristically, held my tongue, and restrained the urge to describe her Easter outfit.

Pet the rooster!

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