Friday, August 14, 2009

haste makes waste

The fog rolled in so fast this morning it reminded me of the dust storm scene from "The English Patient" I made a mental note to go home, grab the camera, and make a beeline to the harbor as soon as Mass was over.

Father's 'off the cuff ' weekday homilies often outshine his more scripted Sunday Sermon. Today's gospel focused on marriage and divorce, which prompted him to mention a favorite bachelor uncle who once commented,
"If I had married, I wouldn't have been divorced, I would have been murdered!"
Father said it's the "Irish way" to comment on everything...seems to be my way too.

By the time Mass was over the fog had lifted considerably, but I rushed home, grabbed the camera and headed downtown, hoping to catch the fog before it drifted away completely. I scanned the area quickly, headed for the boat landing, made it to the dock while exchanging pleasantries with a local angler, and discovered...the batteries were dead!
Up the stairs, into the car, back to the house...trying all the while, to beat the fog!
Back to the harbor...this time I headed for the break wall...maybe I could still catch the vanishing fog. I hurried to the end of the pier...

All that was left was a distant mist.

In no hurry to get back, I stopped to chat with a little chatterbox...who loved to pose!

I couldn't believe what I saw when I got back to the parking lot...

in my haste to beat the fog, I had left the car door wide open!
note to self: Calm the heck down!

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