Monday, December 14, 2009

be still and know that I am God

Gong to the ordination of our new bishop was not on my list of things to do. Tickets are not easy to come by and frankly it seemed like too much trouble. It's not like you can be up close and personal...and even if you were...what can you say to a bishop
that tons of other people can say better?
Long story short...I was invited by a friend at the last minute.
We arrived late, sat in the second to the last row of the auditorium, about four seats in from the side aisle. Toward the end we were singing a rousing Te Deum when I noticed several bishops heading up the aisle. As they were passing
(the couple sitting in the aisle seats all during the Mass had left)
I realized one of the bishops was carrying the shepherds staff...
our new bishop was passing by and giving his first blessing!
As he was walking, just inches away, giving his blessing "I thought to myself,
"I don't think I was blessed."
Just then, he turned to his left, looked right at me and gave me his blessing.
I continued singing with tears welling.
I mentioned it to Gloria later and she said "I didn't see him."
With very little effort on my part I was wonderfully blessed.

Bishop Sirba

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