Monday, June 2, 2008

Messin' around

Leaving the house for an evening stroll last night was dubious, to say the least. It had been raining lightly off and on all afternoon and I really didn't relish the thought of getting wet, even a little. So instead of taking an umbrella, as was suggested, I told the suggester to come and pick me up if it started to pour. Glad to be rid of me for even an hour,he eagerly agreed. I hesitated to take the camera, figuring I wouldn't have time to examine things, as I'm prone, but did grab it as I headed out the door.
They sounded like a bunch of kids bickering in the distance, but I knew it was geese and kept searching the sky to see just how many can make such a racket... it was more than I had expected.
Can't say I've ever seen a deer in the wild lying down. At first I thought it was a stump, and when it moved, maybe a woodchuck. I finally got a good bead on it and realized it was, in fact, a deer...I wonder if it's a doe with a fawn nearby...hope so.

I was reminded not to dawdle when I heard the distant rumbling of thunder. The natives (or even Dad) would have been able to calculate the time between thunder and rain but I was pretty sure I had enough time to get home.

As I approached Sunset Pond I was amazed at how high it had gotten since last time. The beavers have been working overtime....must have been napping last night because I didn't see one. The aroma of the damp cedar and swampy earth was intoxicating as I headed down the road toward home. I tried to soak in the difference between the heady smell of the woods I was leaving and the cool clean fragrance of the Lake I was walking toward.
Speaking of the olfactory nerve, Mary rightly noted that Iris smell like balloons. As I hurried along I got a whiff of balloons! There was not an Iris in sight, but I spied this grove of trees across the road...afraid of the approaching storm (and probably my ride falling asleep) I didn't explore any further.

Note to self...never leave house without camera.

Back in the day they would call this a mess of fish. It was the first big catch of the season and we had plenty for the freezer...yum.

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