Monday, August 18, 2008

Sweet ride

Back in the 60's the motorcycle guys wore their hair greasy, with the sides slicked back....he had a crew cut. The mode of the day in clothing was jeans, shirts unbuttoned halfway, or tight white t shirt (with the sleeves rolled up) and engineer boots...he wore khakis, short sleeved sweatshirts (they don't even make them anymore) and dark blue slip-on sneakers ( they're called skater shoes now). Things haven't changed much in 45 years...maybe one thing...he ties his sneakers now.

All conditions have to be in perfect alignment before I will mount a they were. The destination, the occasion, the weather ( 84°) and the hairstyle.....(the hairstyle is a stretch). We took the back roads and, I must say, it was quite pleasant. The party was enjoyable and when I realized my date had disappeared, I figured he'd be outside, ready to go.

We even had a "little buddy" ask if he could join us for part of the trip home.

It was too hot to move by the time we got home, but I managed to go try once again to photograph the moon rising over the lake. When I consider I can just go here for more awesome pictures that I could ever get, I'm humbled into submission...almost.

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