Friday, August 15, 2008

Feast of the Assumption

I wonder how many Feasts of the Assumption have been graced with a full moon.

Looking through images of The Assumption, I happened upon this one, but couldn't find any commentary on it. What is most striking to me is the way Mary is almost sitting in her Son's lap. The writer of this icon is defiantly trying to make a point...I can only guess at what it is. Every color and perception has a meaning, but since I know practically nothing about this art form, I can only speculate. I'd say the significance of their gesture is that Jesus is receiving His mother into His world, heaven, as she received Him into her world when she held Him as an infant, and again when he was taken down from the cross. Jesus' right foot resting outside the gold frame means He's also with us on earth. (I think)

Speaking of Mary and her son...I had company on my evening stroll.

It was a pleasant surprise to see this picnic table at the halfway's not a park bench, but it'll do.

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