Friday, September 5, 2008


When presented with a challenge, I'm usually up for the task. I was rummaging around the laundry room in the rectory, while waiting for the dryer to beep. I was tidying up an old porcelain table that had detergent, bleach and other stuff piled on it. Curious about the drawer, I tried opening it...wouldn't budge. For a second I thought, "Forget about it." I tugged again, but it was like it was locked. I looked under the table and up at the drawer...there was something jammed under a board above the drawer...weird. Cramming my hand into the narrow opening under the table, I was able to press the object up so that I could ease the drawer open. It was plain to see now that it was an old newspaper. Trying not to destroy the paper, I coaxed it out from its 63 year prison.

There was nothing in the drawer...just two pieces of ancient linoleum...drawer lining, I'm sure. I doubt that drawer had been opened since that paper was stuffed up behind that board...I wonder why it was stuffed in there and why....very curious indeed.

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