Thursday, August 28, 2008

Just another day.

The lines were long, so I figured this would be a good chance for me to practice the virtue of patience. I watched the guy ahead of me talking to the women ahead of him. He turned to me and said I could go first because I only had two items. One of my purchases was a bouquet of flowers.

"Can I have one of those flowers?"

"Well you could, but they're for the Blessed Virgin Mary".

Do you think if the Blessed Virgin Mary were here, she would mind?" he said with a wink.

"Are you expecting a visit from her?" he teased. I said, "They're for an alter at church".

He asked what church I went to...he said he misses the Latin Mass, I told him they still have them. He asked about the letter she gave Pope Pius vii. I said that he might want to read up on it. He asked how to find it. I said look up the Fatima Message. As I walked off with my flowers he said, "I will."

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