Friday, November 21, 2008

shaken not stirred

We saw the new James Bond movie this afternoon...we've been fans since we were kids. I must admit the hook has always been the popcorn...but when you go to a Bond movie you can count on great scenery and good- looking people...the plot is usually "comme ci, comme ├ža".
This James has a perpetual pout, otherwise a likable fellow. Dominic was rather nonthreatening as the all time favorite is Maximilian Largo in "Never Say Never".
Camille was gorgeous as the new "Bond girl", replacing Fatima , my former favorite. M seemed uncharacteristically "flappable"...but she is getting long in the tooth. Poor Fields was very cute but made a quick exit.
I am defiantly a girl watcher.
On the way home we dined at Lighthouse on Homestead on broiled whitefish.

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