Monday, December 22, 2008

first day of hanuakka

Rosemary served us breakfast fit for Santa himself.

This ethereal scene of the Lake was visible all along the shore, and set the mood for Mass.

Samuel was about three when Hannah left him at the temple...imagine that.
I was running late, when my perfectly dressed sister asked me to join her, and my charming, well put together, niece for a brevé at the local café. When I arrived, they had already been there for hours, but insisted I needed caffeine for the strenuous afternoon of shopping I had planned, but I hesitated while considering the long line of crazed caffeine addicts ahead of me. So I did the unthinkable... I gave the first person in line $2 and asked her if she would mind ordering me a plain cup of coffee. She looked at the two bills and handed one back..."I can get you a deal, I work here...will that be a small, with room for cream?"
She then, brought it to our table. I, of course stuck the other $ in her bag.

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