Sunday, February 8, 2009

consider this

My new sewing machine is ready and waiting for its first project. While browsing Etsy, I came upon this little shop. I love this style. Now to find a pattern...I wonder what "high- twisted cotton" is.

Everything about this painting is appealing, especially the title... "Considering Vermeer"

Casino Royale has been showing up on the Dish lineup lately. We refused to see the original back in 1967.... How dare they spoof James Bond! We did go to the remake a few years ago and loved it. It had the usual beautiful scenery, gorgeous women and nefarious plot. I gave it a 10 and he an 8...only "Star Wars" get 10s from him. He had a general idea where Montenegro was... I had none, so I looked it up when we got home ....who knew?

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