Friday, February 13, 2009

good and evil

Is this coincidence... good-god...evil-devil?

Today's gospel was fitting for Friday the 13th. Listening to the account of the "happy fault"" I was, surprisingly, moved to tears. I'm sure the disappointments that crop up unexpectedly in life, had something to do with my melancholy mood.
After Mass Joanie treated me to a short stack at "The Bean" which helped chase the blues away. I motored to Duluth for a nice long afternoon of selfish, uninterrupted shopping. (see Minor Screw-ups)
While I was taking a smoothie break at Target this afternoon, a young mom sat next to me and proceeded to nurse her tiny baby girl. It was rather coincidental, because just yesterday Stacy had posted an interesting video on facebook and the subject of breastfeeding was in the front of my mind. I asked if she had seen the video. She had never heard of Selma Hayek...come to find out this was her sixth baby... 5 girls and one boy. I asked the name of baby, she told me a name I had never heard, and said that it was Hebrew. I said, rather dumbly, "Are you Jewish?" She said she was. She asked me if I knew anything about humidifiers (she had just bought one because her baby seemed congested) I told her the little I knew and she seemed satisfied. By then Aimee had emerged from the break room and my little encounter was over...what a pleasant 10 minutes...totally made up for the two hours in JCPenney.
Speaking of babies I find this room immensely enchanting.

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  1. I am glad to hear your day turned out good:) I love when things bring me to tears that I did not expect.