Tuesday, March 31, 2009

♫ little birdie ♫

The inevitable birthday snow storm hit today...only three days late.

Father Pacwa made me chuckle this morning during his homily. He was saying that the children of Israel were complaining after 38 years of wandering in the desert and wanted to go back to Egypt (and slavery) because the food was better there.

This morning I caught myself behaving like the snotty Israelites.
Because of the nasty weather, Jerry said "This would be a good day to bake cookies."
" What for...I can't have any...it's Lent?" I replied snidely.

Making chicken cacciatore for supper was almost therapeutic, after my morning outburst of selfishness.

Speaking of chicken...

This little chick sitting on my kitchen window sill was looking pretty bewildered because of the snowy weather...or maybe the ice on the window reminded him of the time his buddy saved the day.

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  1. Thanks for your comment of my blog almost 6 months ago. I disappeared from the blogging world for a bit, but am trying to resurrect my blog.

    Are you familiar with the work of FOCUS, other than what you heard from Curtis on EWTN? I would love to tell you more. Please pray for us! And I will say a Rosary for you today!