Thursday, April 9, 2009


I wonder when this ice, covering Sunset Pond, will sink.
The April moon was on the rise as I made the home stretch.

These willow catkins are a welcome harbinger of Spring...almost as welcome as the birds singing outside our bedroom window this morning

With Holy Week approaching , I was looking forward to following along in my trusty Magnifcat magazine. I've been a subscriber for about 5 years or more and have become very dependent on it. It arrives a whole month early and I always put it in a place of distinction while finishing the current issue. Special editions for Advent and Holy Week are a welcome treat. I love everything about this little digest...the small size, the super thin pages, the format...everything.
It took a few days (I was behind in my reading) for me to realize that my special Holy Week edition was missing. I didn't search very hard because I figured... if it wasn't where I always put wasn't anywhere.
I checked a few drawers halfheartedly, and had pretty much given up the search, time was running was already Spy Wednesday ... halfway through the week.
Someone suggested asking St. Anthony for help. Two hours later I shuffled through a stack of neglected magazines and there it was!

“Tony, Tony, Look Around -Something’s Lost And Can't Be Found.”

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