Saturday, July 25, 2009

look down my rain barrel

My first introduction to a rain barrel was at Karen's house. Her mom used the water to rinse their hair in the sauna. Karen's rain barrel was wooden with a wood cover and no spigot...they all have spigots now. They used a dipper and a bucket to fetch the water. I have fancied the idea of a rain barrel for years...they seem so sensible in this age of water conservation...and we have tons of available roof area to collect from. Long story short...I got my rain barrel!

It's not nearly as charming as the one of my memory (is anything?), but it serves the purpose splendidly.

The river stone bed needs some tweaking...I'd like to do away with the frame altogether...but then there's the lawn mower and the snow blower to deal with.
If I dig a hole and pile rocks to the grass line...
Maybe next year...
I think I feel a sweat coming on.

1 comment:

  1. what is to be your use for the water you collect? And what is the purpose of the river stone bed, besides allure?