Sunday, July 26, 2009


I think I've perfected my version of iced latte. Here's the recipe... "y. style":
pour milk to 1cup mark of blender~
add heaping tsp. Hazlenut Tasters Choice~
add 3-5 second squirt of honey~
blend while looking for ice cubes~
drop 4-7 ice cubes into blender, leaving lid on~
blend until cubes stop clanging~
pour into glass, sip from straw and enjoy!
for an afternoon beverage, add Kahlua!
It was a warm, sunny Sunday and I spent the whole afternoon sewing...go figure. I subscribe to Craft Magazine on Facebook. Their entries are usually mundane and even ssenseless...but today, maybe because it was Sunday, it was a "must do"!

As usual, I couldn't wait to get to the fabric store...hence the familiar cottons.

I'll try the pockets on the next one, but I'll have to revise the pattern a little to suit my simple nature.
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  1. I'll get you the Notos recipe for an iced latte yet, I promise. yours sounds good though, WAY different, but good.