Thursday, August 6, 2009

paint job

It's not easy getting a crew together to paint a house that's 2½ stories high. After two years of asking around, Jerry finally found a fellow that said, "No problem." He gave an estimate and arranged a starting date. They showed up last Saturday....No problem, my foot!
Steve, the guy Jerry had hired (orange shirt), dropped off three college kids and expected them to finish the job in three days...then left!
Mike, (bottom of the ladder) was told to caulk the cracks. Jerry came out (he was working in the shop) and discovered he was using roofing cement ( I guess it's black) instead of caulk!
Jerry calls Steve (he was on his way to another job in Duluth) and insists he come back and supervise his workers.

I knew we were in trouble when I noticed them having trouble moving the ladder.

The next day Jerry fired Steve, put on coveralls and supervised the crew himself.

I thought it was disconcerting, having them around...but that's just me.

The most dangerous part of the job was painting the peak. I was very worried...

so I left town.

I got back just in time to shoot a picture Mike earning his wages.

Kevin's smiling because he's not up on the roof.

I wonder if it'll be around in another hundred years~

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