Tuesday, July 28, 2009

when the weather's fine

All I can say about todays readings is...Yikes!
For anyone who might be wondering how the roof water is being put to use...it works great for washing little hands and feet!

Things are warm and peaceful in Lakeside these days.

It's been ages since I've done a "burpie". We had to do them in gym way back when.
I was feeling pretty agile so... thought I'd give the ol' burpie a try....bad idea.
Owww my back!
Could I be doing it wrong? I looked it up. The first demonstration (I should have been warned when they were called 'squat thrusts') was called "Real Jock: Gay Fitness"!
Being homophobic, (I hear it's generational) I quickly found a demonstration that was more traditional. After viewing his technique, feeling confident that I could execute a passable burpie, I tried again...
Much better.
I'm going to work up to two.

Why would I want to live anywhere else when I can look across the street at this charming scene?

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