Sunday, September 27, 2009


Over forty years ago, when I opened the Christmas present from my father-in-law, Lyle, I was....well, let's just say underwhelmed. I said something like, "Oh, a blanket." Mom quickly chastised me and said, "That's not just a blanket!" Over the years my childish naivete has turned to overwhelming gratitude and appreciation for one of my favorite things..
our Hudson Bay blanket.

Someone told me years ago, that the four black lines I thought were flaws, are called points and had a definite purpose. The more points...the more costly the blanket.

It is the last thing I would have purchased myself...but I'm thankful that our parents knew value when they saw it.

Speaking of gifts from our parents...
The apples are from one of the trees that Mom and Dad sent us years ago.

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