Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Why can't I just choose a nice neutral tone....then, use the bolder tones for accent? I found whereyourheartis on Flickr and was convinced that was the way to go! But instead I paint a bold color and accent with even more intensity.

It ends up up resembling a gypsy caravan,

or like Aimee says... a Rubik's cube....she also said the house looks like a shadow box.
Well I'm at it again. The back hallway needs a makeover and I can't stop thinking I need to add nooks and crannies, hooks and shelves to store and hang stuff. Barbara says there is no need to keep the snowshoes in the corner all summer long. When Marypatricia asked why I needed all the storage space I was planning, I answered, "Mittens!"
She replied sensibly, " There are only four hands living here." Mama Ocean tried to help me downsize a few years ago...to little avail.
Well, I'm trying to step out of my box and go "clutter free"!
I've got a team working with me...we'll see what we come up with.

listening to~http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nFvLcCDvdEA

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  1. seeing that picture is more of a realization that u need to remodel that hallway.. and i HATE clutter! i like shelves and hooks too :)