Monday, October 5, 2009

baby talk

It's not easy to be on the unpopular side of an was that way when I decided to breastfeed my first child 43 years ago.Everybody used bottles back in the 60's! The only person I had ever seen nursing a baby was a gal by the name of Marie. She was from Scotland. We were all fascinated by her because she had that cute accent, loved to talk, and was lots of fun. After seeing Marie and Helga with their babies , there was no question who I wanted to emulate when I had mine.
Being a young woman (a girl really) I was easily influenced by the people around me. I was always rather contrary so it's hard for me to imagine, had I gone to college, falling for the leftest rhetoric the professors were starting to spew at that time. I was lucky enough to have been sheltered from all that unpleasantness and instead, got on with the business of raising a family...sort of an apprenticeship, with Mom and other woman I knew as my teachers.

When I was a young mother, I came in contact with some strong, smart woman, who were activists in the pro life movement. In the '70's, Lake County was notoriously liberal... to be pro life in that atmosphere was very unpopular and difficult...but these woman were undaunted. They had fundraisers, marched at the capital, wrote letters, started petitions and are still fighting.
Every year I sit at the county fair, in the pro life booth. Mothers often bring their little kids over to show them the like size fetal models. They explain how the baby grows and that they were small like that once too. Often the moms will say, "Sometimes the mother doesn't want the baby to be born and so the doctor kills the baby." The little kids get the most horrified look on their faces and then the moms will say, "Yes that's a very bad thing." Young kids, innately, know abortion is wrong...what's the matter with our lawmakers?
I was asked recently to stand in front of the Building for Woman, an innocuous sounding place, to demonstrate against the abortions that are done there every I and two other brave women went.

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