Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I simply remember my favorite things

The first time I tasted Waldorf Salad was Thanksgiving 1967 or '68. Steve was home from the army, where he was a cook, and came to Castle Danger, where we lived at the time, to help us
make a turkey dinner....we had no idea!
If I remember correctly, the turkey was great, the salad...not so much. Our taste buds must not have been fully developed.
When I came across a recipe for it recently, after looking over the ingredients, I thought to myself, "Who wouldn't love this?" I whipped it up today, served it for supper ... our dinner guest
loved it! Nothing wrong with his taste buds.
This is a new trick I learned from Barbara...some of my favorite Flickr photos.

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  1. Do you want to hear a funny story?
    I made this all the time last summer and everyone hated it in my family. When my mom came over she said, "EWW who wants apples and may in their salad". So, today she said, "did you read Yvonne's blog? Doesn't that salad sound good!" And she has no memory of our convo:/ Typical Mary