Monday, October 19, 2009

the house is clean enough

My intentions were good.
Jerry was going to be gone for four days and I was going to do some deep cleaning.
Scratch that idea.
I vacuumed once, tomorrow I'm going hiking, and he's coming home Wednesday.
Saturday the weather was too nice to clean so I put some laundry in the washer, drove to one of my favorite spots and took some pictures.

My photogenic bag insisted on having her picture taken!

I was surprised to see the county guys out on a Saturday.

I discovered this sweet new path when I got back to town.

The geese were so busy pecking , they didn't even notice me.
After Mass on Sunday, the beautiful weather called for another walk. I took in the fair grounds and ended up down by the usual.

They called needing someone today for some prayerful demonstration.
So demonstrate I did.
We are women...hear us roar!!
(Actually I was with a guy this time).

Stopped in to see my favorite great granddaughter...

pulled in to town just in time to watch Zach do his magic...

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