Friday, October 16, 2009

touchy feely

Not so many years ago Aimee had a particular coin purse. She would rat around, with her little fingers in that tiny coin purse until she came up with the proper change. She would say with a smile, "I love the way it feels!" Barbara has the same thing, I'm guessing, about the Desitine cap. She likes how it feels when she pops it open and snaps it closed.

The object of my affection is a little make up bag in which I keep crochet hooks, scissors, and such. Grabbing the perfect sized zipper pull with my right hand and holding the bag with my left as I unzip the small vinyl case is endlessly satisfying. It really doesn't end there...I also find pleasure in rifling through the hooks until I find the proper size. What's up with that? It must be the same principal that makes a baby want to fondle a certain blanket...not just any blanket!

We took in a movie this afternoon...The Informant. Jerry gave it a 'three'... I thought it was quirky and fun...I've never seen so many wigs in a single movie!

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