Thursday, January 7, 2010

around the house

We don't have TV yet so I sit and crochet (it's way to dark to be wondering around outside...I'm talking scary dark!!) while the j man snores on the couch.
We thought we'd take in a bunch of movies while we're waiting for the cable cost us $30.00 the other night...luckily we enjoyed the movie..."Up in the Air". We're going to see Sandra Bullock tonight...Thursday is cheap seats!!!
By the way the project on the chair is Stevie's blanket...should be done in no time at this rate.

These are some granny squares in the making.
The sunrises are spectacular on my way up the hill to daily Mass.

January 6th is the twelvth day of Christmas so away go the Christmas cards.


  1. Love all these pictures! I need to learn how to make those granny squares!