Saturday, January 9, 2010


We finally found a french press at a decent was only $11.95...I couldn't believe it wasn't plastic! Now to find some worthy beans...Peggy said we're going to Trader Joe's...anyone need anything?

We went to a Sweet Tomatoes for lunch yesterday and an Asian buffet for is good!Mary reminded me of the hat I had promised to make for Lindsay
...finished it at 1:30 am...
with no TV!!!!

Another day in Tucson~


  1. i love sweet tomatoes! we went to one in denver. did you likey?

  2. ♥d it!!!
    ceasar was mighty fine~

  3. sweet tomatoes sounds good. kinda like panera bread? love that hat lindsey will like it:) she gets back from egypt on the 30th so if i could get it before then that would be great :). sounds like u will be 10lbs heavier when u get back ;)fom all the eating