Monday, January 21, 2008

It's been too cold to venture into the night air so I must be satisfied viewing the moon through the window next to the computer. The weekend was consumed by daughters, a granddaughter, a great granddaughter, and every domestic activity under the sun! Mary has started a blanket for the baby boy they are expecting in March, while Barbara cut out a sundress pattern while tending to 9 month old Maria. The dress proved too much for her and she kind of gave up and picked up a knit project she had started earlier in the week...I have no doubt the dress will be done before summer. With all this going on J. decided to paint the front room...we've had the paint for several weeks, but he's been out in his den right after breakfast and by the time he gets home the last thing he wants to do is paint....and of course "I don't paint."

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  1. I bet you were pooped out by the time the weekend was over.